Parking At Standard Quay

Standard Quay, situated in the charming town of Faversham, boasts a picturesque waterfront setting and a range of engaging activities for visitors to enjoy. When it comes to parking at Standard Quay, there are a few options available to cater to the needs of visitors.

Limited on-site parking spaces are provided at Standard Quay, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Although the number of available spots may be limited, this option offers the convenience of parking in close proximity to the quay itself.

Recently, parking regulations at Standard Quay have been adjusted to address the issue of misuse and enhance the experience for both traders and customers. A two-hour free parking period is provided, and visitors wishing to extend their parking duration must enter their number plates.
The need for these regulations arose due to the misuse of parking spaces at Standard Quay. Some individuals were treating the area as a dumping ground for their vehicles, taking advantage of its convenient location just a five-minute walk from the town. This misuse negatively impacted both traders and customers.
It’s important to note that the parking management at Standard Quay is handled by a private external company. As a result, the Standard Quay office lacks the authority to overturn tickets or handle appeals directly. Any appeals must follow the formal letter-based process established by the parking management company.
The ultimate aim is not to issue fines, but rather to ensure that customers and traders can enjoy the free parking provided. To effectively communicate these regulations, new signage has been installed at various points on the quay, including the entrance. Additionally, posters were distributed to tenants in March to provide clear information about the parking policy. Visitors can refer to these posters and signage for guidance.

In terms of public transport links to Faversham, the town is well-connected and offers various options for visitors. Faversham benefits from a reliable bus network, with regular services operating within the town and connecting it to surrounding areas. Additionally, Faversham has a train station, providing convenient rail access to and from other locations across the region. Utilizing public transport can be a hassle-free and eco-friendly alternative for those visiting Standard Quay, eliminating the need for parking concerns.
All information can be taken from the posters in the units and signage on site.


Parking FAQs

  1. What does this mean for my customers visiting my business?This should have no affect on existing customers that visit your business as they always have had 2 hours free customer parking. There is new signage installed to make it clear to any new or existing customers with questions.
  2. What happens if a customer is overrunning?A receipt from the day must be shown at a manned ‘tablet point’ and the car reg can be entered to extend the parking window. This cannot be done on a later day. It must be done before midnight on the day that the parking time limit was breached.
  3. Can I appeal my ticket in the office?No, the Standard Quay office will have no say on ticket appeals. You must direct all queries direct with Smart Parking Ltd
  4. Where are the tablets?Current tablet locations-

    Standard Quay Tearoom – accessible 7 days a week – 10-4

    Papà Bianco – accessible 6 days a week – closed mondays – 5-10

    Baltic House Wine Bar – Thursday – Sunday

  5. How much is parking?Parking is still free – even to extend as long as you can prove you are a customer on the day of your visit at one of the tablet points.

Guidelines for – Airbnb / Trades / Visitors

On arrival they must report to a manned ‘tablet point’ (these locations may change) – on arrival they must enter the reg for EACH vehicle on site EACH day.

For any other enquiries please use this link –