Anne Vincent Psychotherapy

Anne Vincent Psychotherapy
Unit 2A
Monks Granary
Standard Quay
Kent ME13 7BS

Open hours: By appointment only

Therapy can help you identify, work through and clarify the most important aspects of your life, and make changes that can improve your confidence, sense of well being and happiness.  I specialise in helping individuals, couples and families (including LGBTQ) find more satisfying ways of living, whether in a relationship or not.

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you need something to change and need a confidential space in which to contemplate and consider what that change might look and feel like.

You may feel that your personal relationships are less than you would like them to be, feel disconnected from your partner or family, do not communicate like you used to or feel trapped in a relationship and want something to change?

When we struggle with our personal relationships other aspects of our lives are affected and we can feel stuck, physically ill and depressed. Therapy can help you to gain clarity of thought and make changes that will improve your life.

If you have tried to fix your relationship but feel like you are going round in circles, all may not be lost. Professional help can address the very things that cause frustration and disappointment and give you the confidence and skills to help you put your relationship back on track.

Standard Quay is open daily from 10.00am- 4.00pm

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